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Mental Health – Helios Magazine Summer 2022 Issue

With an interview with Dr. Markus Moser, MD on the mental health of managers

Content: With the focus on “Mental Health” in this issue, it becomes clear once again the great importance of mental health in general and in particular, such as in the workplace. Reconciling success and personal satisfaction is a huge challenge in times of crises and high workloads in both the professional and private spheres.

On page 15 of this magazine you can read an interview with Dr. Markus Moser, MD from the Helios Prevention Center in Berlin. He answers questions, among others about the growing importance of mental health for managers: Psychosomatic complaints, which can be triggered due to anxiety, depression or burnout, become apparent in the check-ups of about one fifth of managers. A high workload and the very high level of suffering often associated with it among managers lead to high blood pressure, back problems, migraines, heart palpitations and shortness of breath, among other things. Mental prevention is particularly important in this context, also to avoid organic diseases.

The interview is well worth reading and gives an insight into Dr Moser’s holistic approach – not only within preventive examinations. Dr. Markus Moser, MD runs a private cardiology practice in Berlin Mitte. Psychocardiology has an important role here – regardless of whether you come to Dr Moser’s private practice because of current symptoms, on the basis of an initial cardiological presentation or for follow-up care after a cardiological procedure.

Click on the image in the top right-hand corner to go directly to the Helios magazine. Among other things, you will also find articles about:
• Burden of parenting in times of crisis
• Mental health in old age
• Depressive disorders
• Music therapy

Cardiac Medicine – Helios Magazine Spring 2022 Issue

Content: In this 51-page issue of the quarterly magazine, a major focus is on heart health and cardiology. Read interesting reports, reports and background information, e.g. about

  • “The world’s smallest heart pump saves lives”.
  •  “Point of view: What cardiology does today”.
  •  “Patient:inside story: When the heart stops after the clock”
  • “What breaks women’s hearts”
  • “Insights: What happens in the cardiac catheterisation laboratory?”
  • “Tips for heart health”
  •  ….

On page 28, the title “For a healthy heart” deals with preventive care, among other things. 
Dr. Markus Moser, MD is mentioned in this context – he works at
the Helios Prevention Center in Berlin Mitte and also runs a cardiology private practice there. He treats patients from the initial presentation, through necessary cardiological examinations, to ongoing care for heart diseases and regular follow-up care after a cardiological intervention, such as after a heart attack or stroke. Psychocardiology plays an important role in being able to care for patients holistically and with great care.

“How the soul speaks through the body – Interview with Dr. Markus Moser, MD”.

Herzlichter by Jana & Rike, Podcast #19
from 11 February 2022, approx. 59 min.

Content: This podcast focuses, among other things, on the topic of psychocardiology – one of Dr Moser’s areas of expertise, which is important for holistic cardiological patient treatment and care. Jana & Rike, the Herzlichter founders, also ask Dr Moser about why psychocardiological support plays a role in the therapy of cardiological diseases, with reference to their own heart diseases. It is a personal and empathetic interview that clearly shows how important it is to initiate a discussion process with the patient, in addition to the necessary cardiac diagnostics, in order to find out possible causes, backgrounds and accompanying topics of a heart disease.

“The pressure is rising – why you should know your blood pressure”.

Facebook Live Chat from 23 November 2021, 41 min
Participants: Heart Centre Leipzig PD Dr. Karl Fengler, Helios Prevention Center Berlin Dr. Markus Moser, MD

Content: In this chat all questions about blood pressure and hypertension and thus many basic questions will be answered. For example: Where does high blood pressure come from? How can you influence your blood pressure? What helps against high blood pressure?
 High blood pressure is a serious disease and is especially dangerous because it is often not recognised or treated for a long time. Consequential diseases such as heart failure, stroke or heart attack can occur. Prevention is important and the first check-up with a cardiologist should take place around the middle of your thirties.

Dr. Markus Moser, MD is a specialist in anaesthesiology and cardiology and works as a preventive physician at the Helios Prevention Center and with his private cardiology practice in Berlin Mitte. He looks after you with the utmost care and holistically from the first appointment to targeted treatment and aftercare.

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A Helios advertorial in the magazine TV Movie from 29.10.2021.
Content: Retirement is the beginning of a new phase of life and opens up many new leisure opportunities. In this ad, senior citizens receive tips on how to enjoy their retirement with timely and active planning.
Besides making plans for travel, thinking about mental stimulation, healthy eating, regular exercise and fitness, practising hobbies, preventive health care is also an important topic. Regular health care is important and helps to prevent possible deficits and to compensate for them if necessary. Planning and a good structure in everyday life can also protect against depression and so-called bore-out syndromes (permanent underload).

Dr. Markus Moser, MD is a specialist in anaesthesiology and cardiology and works as a preventive physician at the Helios Prevention Center in Berlin Mitte. In his private cardiology practice, Dr. Moser provides holistic and psychocardiological care for both patients who attend an initial cardiology appointment and patients who come for regular cardiac follow-up. He is characterised by his very individual approach to his patients, with great care and empathy.


“Permanently burnt out”

A Helios-Advertorial in the magazine Brigitte from October 2021.
Content: Home office, constant accessibility, Corona, multiple stresses due to job, household, and family, since the beginning of 2020, the often already very high stresses due to Covid-19 have become even greater for many. Women as well as men suffer in part permanently from exhaustion. The number of burnout illnesses has risen sharply, which makes it even more important to recognise possible symptoms at an early stage. With a first short self-check, you can find out in this information how burnout-prone you currently are.

Dr. Markus Moser, MD is a specialist in anaesthesiology and cardiology and works as a preventive physician at the Helios Prevention Center in Berlin Mitte. He runs a cardiology private practice in the same premises in order to provide you with holistic cardiological care and, above all, with the greatest care and empathy.

Markus Moser, MD: “Far too little attention is paid to the soul.”

An interview with Dr. Markus Moser, MD, published by Dr. Manuela Diehl on 30 August 2021 in Business talk Kudamm.
Content: What does burnout mean? What are the triggers and how does burnout manifest itself? Which people and occupational groups are particularly affected? How could burnout be avoided through prevention and how long does treatment take? In this interview, Dr. Markus Moser, MD answers important questions about burnout, also in connection with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. He is a specialist in anaesthesiology and cardiology and works as a preventive physician at the Helios Prevention Center. Dr Moser also runs a private cardiology practice in Berlin Mitte. One of his hobbies is psychocardiology.

“Heart Health During the Corona Pandemic – Prevention Can Save Lives”.

Discussion on Facebook from 25.3.2021, 64 min.: Participants included Dr. Markus Moser, MD, Cardiology Private Practice, Berlin-Mitte.
Content: The number of patients with heart complaints and cardiological diseases has increased significantly since the Corona pandemic. Cardiologists like Dr. Markus Moser, MD in Berlin Mitte answer important questions about heart disease and how to recognise any related warning signs early on in a 64 min. discussion. Behind every company there is a story. Ours has been anything but ordinary. We have stumbled and fallen down more than once, especially in the early days. What bonded us as a team and made us get up again and again was the desire to perfect our skills and make a name for ourselves as experts in our field. Even as a grown and solid company, we are still educating ourselves and learning something new with each new challenge. And what more there is to learn!

“Burnout can become a lifelong companion if you don’t act early.”

An interview with Dr. Markus Moser, MD, specialist in anaesthesiology and cardiology and preventive physician at the Helios Prevention Center in Berlin, March 2021.
Content: How can burnout be recognised early and avoided? What are the signs to look out for? At the Helios Prevention Center in Berlin, burnout screening is a standard part of a check-up appointment.