Cardiology private practice Berlin

My Philosophy

Dear patients,

in a time when apparative and pharmacological therapies are at the centre of medicine, I would like to set a counterpoint with my practice!

“…first heal with the word!” – Paracelsus

My philosophy is based on listening, empathy and tailor-made and gentle action. Therefore, I attach great importance to the doctor-patient conversation as well as to the interaction with you as a patient in a calm and relaxed conversational climate.

One of my personal training focuses is on psychocardiology and the holistic view of the human being, based on the bio-psycho-social concept of illness. This is based on the body-soul unit. To recognise these connections, above all, sufficient time is needed!
 Only then can a personal treatment and counselling concept be created and implemented.

“…above all, do no harm!” – Hippocrates

I can look back on many years of experience in acute medicine. Many years in anaesthesia and emergency medicine and in cardiology showed me that a large part of illnesses are caused by our own actions. For this reason, I have completed training as a preventive physician in order to be able to competently accompany you as a patient in this regard.

“…then heal with the medicine!” – Paracelsus

We can be grateful to have a health care system at our disposal in which we have access to a wide range of pharmaceuticals. Especially in the field of cardiology, there is a very extensive range of highly effective pharmaceuticals. Here, too, the rule is – as much as necessary, as little as possible! But I am also open to alternative treatment methods in principle.

“…last heal with the knife!” – Paracelsus

Until 2018, I worked in various hospitals in Berlin and therefore have good contacts in the clinical and inpatient area. Should an invasive procedure or an inpatient stay be necessary for you, we will find the right hospital for you. All medical decisions are made and accompanied in a spirit of partnership.

“…this is the greatest mistake in the treatment of diseases: That there are physicians for the body and physicians for the soul, when the two cannot be separated!”- Plato

Dr. Markus Moser, MD