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What are typical causes of High Blood Pressure?

The causes of high blood pressure can be very diverse. High blood pressure can be related to life circumstances and lifestyle, advanced age or even pre-existing conditions. In order to get to the bottom of high blood pressure, cardiological diagnostics and a detailed medical history discussion with a holistic cardiologist, among other things, are helpful.

High Blood Pressure – what is it exactly?

High blood pressure, also known as arterial hypertension, is one of the major risk factors that can promote, among other things, a heart attack or stroke if it is not detected in time. In Germany alone, about 30 million people are affected.

How do I recognise a Heart Attack?

How do I recognise a Heart Attack? A heart attack is an acute life-threatening situation. It is therefore even more important to correctly assess warning signals that indicate a heart attack and to act accordingly.   Very clear symptoms of a heart attack When a heart attack occurs, the heart muscle is no longer supplied […]

What are the Risks of High Blood Pressure and how can it be prevented?

Undetected or untreated high blood pressure can be very risky and in the worst case can also cause a heart attack, stroke or even acute kidney failure. High blood pressure can be detected through early cardiological screening or check-ups. A healthy lifestyle is always recommended to prevent high blood pressure.

Understanding Sleep Apnoea causes, symptoms and treatment options

Sleep apnoea is a sleep disorder that affects millions of people worldwide and can have serious long-term health consequences. Among other things, it can trigger high blood pressure or cardiac arrhythmias. Therefore, this blog will explain how sleep apnoea manifests itself, where it comes from, how it can be diagnosed and treated.