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To detect heart disease at an early stage, it is advisable to have a regular check-up with your cardiologist in Berlin Mitte from the age of 35. If you have risk factors such as obesity, diabetes, or a family history of heart disease, you should have a check-up even earlier.

Chest tightness, shortness of breath and other heart complaints that you notice in everyday life are just some of the possible warning signals. If you feel restricted in your everyday life, a visit to the cardiological private practice of Dr. Markus Moser, MD in the centre of Berlin can provide important insights and contribute to the early detection of cardiological diseases.

Practice Dr. Markus Moser, MD: Your cardiologist in Berlin Mitte


As your specialist practice for internal medicine and cardiology, my focus is on modern, non-invasive examination methods, with the help of which I can carry out a complete conservative cardiological diagnosis.

The anamnesis interview and a detailed physical examination are at the heart of a consultation. In addition to state-of-the-art cardiac diagnostics, my services also include counselling and arranging further (advanced) cardiac diagnostics. As I can look back on many years of expertise in the field of anaesthesiology, I also offer pre-operative diagnostics for cardiovascular issues.

As a patient in my practice for cardiology in Berlin Mitte, you will thus receive comprehensive treatment, ranging from diagnostics to prevention and, if necessary, individual therapy. Since your well-being is close to my heart, I take my time for your comprehensive examination and put your individual questions and needs in the foreground of your treatment.

What can you expect at your appointment with the cardiologist in Berlin?

The first step in cardiological treatment is a detailed medical history. Your cardiologist in Berlin will take the time to discuss your current symptoms, family history, individual risks and needs. This is followed by a physical examination and, if necessary, modern, and non-invasive examination methods are used. The course of treatment may vary depending on whether it is an initial treatment, a check-up, or a follow-up treatment for an existing heart disease.

What symptoms should I see a cardiologist for?

 A cardiologist in Berlin can help you with numerous symptoms. The most common warning signals for possible diseases and disorders around the heart include shortness of breath, tightness of the chest or heart palpitations or palpitations. However, it is also advisable to visit a specialist cardiology practice if you have other heart complaints or feel restricted in your everyday life.

What is a cardiac disease?

 Cardiological diseases include all congenital or acquired disorders or diseases involving the heart, the vessels near the heart and the blood circulation. The most common cardiological diseases include heart attacks, valvular defects, cardiac arrhythmias, heart failure, coronary heart disease and myocarditis.

Can I see a cardiologist without a referral?

 A cardiologist in Berlin usually treats patients who have previously received a referral from their family doctor or another specialist for cardiological clarification. However, you can also make a regular appointment without a referral or contact us directly for questions.

How often should you see a cardiologist?

 To detect cardiological diseases at an early stage, regular screening is recommended. Regular check-ups should take place every two years from the age of 35 to the age of 55. At an older age, a check-up once a year is recommended. If there are acute complaints or if heart diseases are known, your cardiologist in Berlin can recommend a shorter interval between check-ups.

We welcome patients from all over Berlin

Our cardio practice in Berlin Mitte is located in the heart of the capital and is therefore very easy to reach by public transport and also by car. Therefore, you are also welcome to come to our cardiology practice from the surrounding districts and outskirts of the capital. For example, in addition to patients in Berlin Mitte, we also receive patients from the urban areas of Pankow, Neukölln, Charlottenburg, Reinickendorf, Steglitz, Spandau, Tempelhof and so on. My team and I would like to welcome you to our cardio practice. We look forward to your visit.